Bicycle Accident Attorney: American Best Practices and Everything You Should Know  

Bicycle Accident Attorney: American Best Practices and Everything You Should Know  


There are many independent bicycle accident lawyers in the United States who know how to navigate the law and help drivers. Thousands of personal injury claims on behalf of bikers are handled by bicycle accident attorneys. In this article, we’ll take a look at bicycle accident lawyers in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in bicycle accidents in the United States. Bicycle injuries are among the most serious injuries a person can sustain. Even if you wear a bicycle helmet, you are likely to sustain serious and possibly life-threatening injuries. You could still end up with a life of pain, misery and disability on your hands. When this happens, you need someone by your side who can relieve you of legal obligations. Simply putting your life back together after a bike accident is a lot on your plate. Above all else, you shouldn’t have to deal with shady insurance adjusters or stubborn creditors. This is where a bicycle accident lawyer comes in on your behalf.

New York bicycle accident lawyer

Many motorists believe that bicycles have no place on public roads, and this is simply wrong. Bicyclists in New York City have the same legal right to use public roads as cars. Often, cars are not aware of these rules or break them. Unfortunately, this bias often follows cyclists into the personal injury justice system.

Riding a bike is good for the environment, your health, and in many cases, is just a better way to get around the streets of New York. People ride bicycles on their way to work, school, delivering goods, or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. Accidents are all too common, unfortunately. There have been 4,688 bicycle accidents reported in New York City over the past years. Every month, 390 cyclists are involved in accidents. While these collisions happen all over the city, they are most common in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Why Will I Need a New York Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Even a minor accident could result in catastrophic injuries, so you’ll never know until you need one. Take for example that you are involved in a bicycle accident, you will need some time to focus on yourself and get back on your feet. You also don’t want to compromise your recovery by trying to handle a difficult injury claim on your own. You may need a bicycle accident lawyer for the following reasons:

  • The accident may have been caused by several people, each of whom could be held financially liable for your injuries.
  • Those involved in your New York City bicycle accident may try to hold you responsible for the accident and your injuries.
  • Insurance companies will fight you every step of the way, and will do everything in their power to deny or underestimate your personal injury claim.
  • You may not know the value of your case, and you should not let the insurance company make that decision for you.

Hiring a bicycle accident attorney can buy you the time you need to recover. Seeking help can also help level the playing field and boost your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

After a bicycle accident, who is responsible for my injuries?

Anyone who causes a bicycle accident in New York can be held liable for the damages incurred. As a result, you may have a valid claim against anyone whose carelessness or negligence caused you to be injured. This may include the following:

  • Cyclists from other areas
  • Motor vehicle operators
  • pedestrians
  • Employers of errant employees
  • Government agencies
  • Companies that provide public transportation, or
  • Companies that sold or produced defective bicycles, cars, or safety equipment.

You have the right to know why you were injured and who is to blame. As we explore the circumstances surrounding your bicycle accident, the attorneys at Mirman, Markovits & Landau, PC will work diligently. We will do everything we can to find out what is causing the problem and who is to blame. Then we can seek compensation from everyone who suffered even the smallest part of your injuries. This strategy can help you get the highest compensation possible.

What a New York City Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Do for You

In the event of a bicycle accident in New York City, you may be eligible to file a claim.
The financial consequences of a bicycle accident can be horrific. You shouldn’t have to bear the repercussions alone when someone else is at least somewhat responsible for the accident. You may be able to claim compensation for the costs and damages you suffer as a result of the accident. This can include money for medical bills and expenses, temporary or permanent disabilities, scarring and disfigurement, among other things.

Let an experienced New York City bike accident attorney fight for the compensation you deserve. We have been the city’s most passionate advocates for road accident victims for more than four decades. They can help you better understand your injuries and, ultimately, the value of your case. Expert guide can help you get a big financial recovery.

What happens if you accidentally hit a cyclist?

State law states that you must: Remain at the scene of the accident. Call 911 or otherwise assist. Report the accident to the DMV and CHP in writing.

Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer

Despite the many benefits of riding for everyone, riders face challenges on the road, such as a lack of proper bike infrastructure in a city like Los Angeles where distracted drivers are the norm. Working with a local Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can help you fight for maximum compensation for your bicycle accident case, including tangible and intangible damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyer

Despite the fact that bicycle accidents account for about 2% of all vehicle accidents in Nevada, 28 people were killed in bicycle accidents between 2010 and 2014. Between 2011 and 2015, the total number of bicycle accidents resulting in serious injuries was twice that The number is approx. The death rate reached 65 accidents. Due to its growing population and urban sprawl, Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and Henderson, has the highest bicycle accident fatality rate. In 2015, eight of the 10 deaths associated with bicycle accidents in Nevada occurred in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

The Las Vegas area, in particular, remains a hotspot for fatal and non-fatal motorcyclist accidents. It is the driver’s responsibility to contact a Las Vegas bicycle accident attorney for assistance in the personal injury situation that will follow after an accident, especially if injuries or damages occur.

common questions

Why do you need a bicycle accident lawyer?

A personal injury attorney knows from years of experience and knowledge that bicycle injuries may not usually become apparent right away. This means you will need legal help to get compensation for future care.

Can you sue someone for hitting you on a bike?

Yes, if you are hit by a car while riding your bike, you may be entitled to compensation. Your state’s laws may limit who can be liable for your accident, depending on where you live.

What are the most common bicycle injuries?

In cycling, the most common location for overuse injuries is the knee.

Does the cyclist owe a duty of care?

As a driver, you have a legal ‘duty of care’ to all other drivers. Pedestrians, cyclists, commuters, motorcyclists and anyone else using the road are also included. As a result, any road user who violates his duty of care and causes a traffic accident may be liable for the injury he causes.

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